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Pansy Chen, 1995年上海大学毕业就进入房地产行业,作为全中国最早一批地产销售人员,先后持有上海房地产经纪人执照,全国房地产经纪人执照,曾参与销售和管理多个知名外销楼盘。2007年移民温哥华,通过5年的时间深入了解温哥华城市生活和本地房地产状况,于2012年考取了BC省地产经纪人执照,重返职场。 基于良好的个人履历和工作经验,专业,敬业,诚信,认真,不懈努力,连续荣获怡富地产TOP 25大奖,位列前10名。2017年加入北美知名品牌Remax 地产公司,继续兢兢业业,专心在其善长的豪宅销售区域领域大放异彩,陆续荣获RE/MAX CHAIRMAN'S 大奖,RE/MAX TITAN 大奖,加拿大西部百强, RE / MAX名人堂. 连年位列 REMAX TOP 25 PRODUCERS。


Pansy Chen, began engaging in real estate sales immediately after graduating from college in 1995. As a member of the first group of realtors in China, she holds both a Shanghai real estate agent license as well as a national real estate agent license. Pansy has been involved in sales and management of various of well-known commercial projects. After immigrating to Vancouver in 2007, she has come to understand the Vancouver city life and local real estate structure in the first 5 years, and returned to the field of real estate in 2012. Shortly after obtaining the BC real estate agent license, she won the real estate TOP 25 award at Royal Pacific Realty and a member of the Medallion Club. In addition to constantly improving her skills in her professional field, Pansy did not forget to contribute to the community. She actively participates and gives back to her community through means of public welfare and fundraisers. In 2017, she joined Remax Crest Realty, on a path to constant improvement.